Orientation Day

“Remember to touch on but you don’t have to touch off,” my sister told me. And even before my sister, Edna and I got onto the tram, excitement and happiness filled my head but it was different later in the day. It was the 9th of December; where most Yr. 6’s had their orientation day, including me. University High School is where I’m going, the school is in Parkville and it is close to North Melbourne.

It was great to be in a different environment and funny being called a newbie again, it was like I was in prep again. So the morning started by an assembly ran by the school principal, Mr Robert Newton. At that time I was feeling scared because I didn’t know anyone until Ore came, but she was in a different class. Sitting and waiting I looked at my future classmates knowing that more than ¾ of them came from North Melbourne Primary School. A girl named Hannah approached me and asked me “Can I sit here?” I straight away said “Yeah, sure.”  The rest of the day went well because I knew at least one person.

After assembly, we got slit into our class groups and a teacher got allocated, Mrs Bobeff had us and Dammi, Taylor, Vlad and Owen also were our tour guides.

The day went quickly with us playing lots of games which had to do with us remembering the classes names and games to introduce our self’s like: Human Bingo, 5 Facts About You and Last One Standing. Soon after those games it was already time for recess. The guides/ students lead us to the school canteen and I bought a large chocolate muffin for $3.50. During recess I recognised lots of faces; either my sister’s friends or students from my old school. I also Charlotte; a girl who used to go to my recent school but left last year.

Once recess had finished at the exact time 10:56 am, each student went back to their classroom and Mrs Bobeff handed each us a booklet, which she explained that we were going to do a comprehension test to let our future teachers know where we were up to in our learning. I was surprise because I never thought that you did tests on Orientation Day; it was pretty easy and I was one of the first to finish.

Then finally lunch came, we got a free sausage or veggie burger, fruit (watermelon), and an icy pole; this was all free. I spent my time in the loft with my sister and her friends, which was fun. Lunch was much longer than at primary school, maybe they let us early but it felt like forever.

After lunch, the school band and some instrumental ensembles played for us. With Mrs Augosty introducing us to all the instruments that the school plays and told us about the music program. They played for an hour, which didn’t feel like it. One thing that the band got me thinking about is continuing to play the violin and to join some of the ensembles. As soon the demo finished we got dismissed and we were free to go. I am really looking forward to going to high school.

Recount on Camp

I couldn’t believe it when… we first walked into Questacon, a science and technology center.  Every room had loads of opportunities to learn but in a fun way. My favorite was a room with fun and amazing things like the vertical slide; which I went on; it was scary when you are hanging but as you release, gravity pushes you down, but you don’t smack down onto the ground, it is a soft landing. That was only one of the interactive rooms.

There were rooms where you could learn about landslides and even caged thunder. Other times you could learn about homonograph which was really interesting. It would draw very peculiar images; the staff at Questacon were very helpful and helped me learn about the homonograph, they said that a pen stays still and the table moves with weights on it; every time you change the position of the weights the picture would change.

These were only some of the interactive activities, with the help of teachers, students and the staff there were good opportunities for us to learn. It wasn’t only a day of mucking around; every student at least has learned something about different topics under science, it may be about different weather; extreme weather or about gravity. Everyone had a fun time, along with learning new things.

100wc – Remember – #11

As the line gets shorter and shorter; my family see the airplane which we are boarding on. “Row 17 and you are in the middle section with one on the left section.” The flight-attendant directs me; the rush of excitement and joy comes to me, but I forget that we are going to be sitting in that plane for more than 14 hours, with airplane food coming past every 10 minutes! But the good thing is that they’re mini TVs on the back of the seats.

” Varda, Varda, time to come back  down to earth”. My teacher tells, “Now remember what we were up to in the lesson?” 

Maths Mate – Sheet 5

Prediction: I predict that this problem will be about money and better values.

Read: Which deal costs less per gram?

A) $5 for 500g                                                              OR                                                                      B) $3 for 250g

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify

The Big Question: Which deal costs less?

Mathematicians Toolbox: I used the strategy, break the problem into manageable parts.

Solving:  Firstly, I had to double $3 for 250 grams because 250 is half of 500. Once doubling this I got $6 for 500 grams, which meant that A was cheaper by $1.

Summary/ Conclusion: The answer I got was A; and I got this answer easily because there’s not many steps to work it out, my ‘Mathematicians Toolbox’ strategy help me work it out too.

Maths Mate – Sheet 4

Predict: I predict that this question will be about division.

Read: Fill in the missing number.  36 / _ = 4

Big question: What is the missing number?

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Solve: To solve this question out,I divided 36 our times. Once I had the answer of 4, I checked the answer by multiplying 4 by 4, which I got 36.

Summary/ Conclusion: Overall this question was solved easily because I knew my times tables and I know that you multiply the two smaller number to be the bigger number. The final answer I got was 4, so 36 / 4 = 4.

Maths Mate – Sheet 3

Predict: I predict this is going to be about multiplication.

Read: Fill in the missing number.

56 / _ = 7

The Big Question: What is the missing number?

Mathematician Toolbox: I used the strategy work backwards.

Solve: First I worked out that the opposite of multiplication which is division. Then I did 56 divided by 7 and I got the answer 8.

Summary/ Conclusion: In conclusion, I think I chose the right strategy which worked for me; working backwards. This got me to the answer 8.

Maths Mate – Sheet 2

Prediction: I predict this problem will be about multiplication and division.

Read: Fill in the missing number.
_ / 5 = 9

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

The Big Question: What is the unknown number?

Mathematicians toolbox: I used the strategy of have I seen  similar problem and prior knowledge.

Solution: So some thing divided by 5 equals nine, this the question. So I first I multiplied 5 by 9 and got 45 as my answer, then to check if it was right; I divided 45 by 5 to get 9 .

Conclusion / Summary:  I solved this question by using my strategies, it was a simple question which I had seen before.I think if I didn’t know my times tables then it would b harder to work out.

BTN – Skipping School

Did you know that research has found that Australian students skip school more often than students from any other developed country. There is a big question going around; what are sensible excuses for skipping school, some say illness, travel or family issues, but not going to school because it’s your birthday, parents want to take you to a  big sporting event or maybe you just feel like it, I don’t think that’s alright because you might miss out on certain things at school that are quite important for your future education. Schools in Tasmania have decided to crack down on students who take a day off for their birthday because they say it’s not a good enough excuse! And in the UK  they are bit more tight about this;  schools are fining parents for keeping their kids out of school without a good reason.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Do you think this is fair, do you agree?       OR      Is this too harsh?

100WC – Billy

Walking a rainy night; every drop smacking the ground softly. The city all lit up and skyscrapers towering over me as I walk though a  peaceful park. The park is nice, with benches for parents to watch their children. As I walk a cardboard box with a blanket in it takes my attention from the park . I bend down and peep though the little crack in the box. A muddy, white dog sitting in the far corner crying;  I go to pick it up and it backs away. Again go again to pick it up and I succeed, I sit on the wet bench and put the dog in my lap; as it shivered, I wrapped it tight in my jacket and I start to head home. I called the, now clean, white Labrador; Billy. He grew into very handsome dog, and my best friend.

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